Solar Plexus Chakra Guide

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If you are in any way into yoga or meditation even as a newbie, you have probably heard of the chakras which are the energy centers of the body. This is what affects your body, mind and spirit and your health and well-being. We will as always, give you a thorough background on what the chakra is and what it does so you are well-acquainted with the system and you are able to comprehend the subject whenever you come across it anywhere.

What job do the chakras have in the body?

The first thing you must realize is that you cannot see a chakra unless you are psychically in tune with seeing auras which is the energy field around our bodies, nonetheless you can affect them and they affect you greatly. There are many chakras throughout the body but we can make a profound impact by making use of the first 7. We will get into the solar-plexus chakra in a moment but first let’s give you a clear understanding of what the other 6 are and where you can locate and activate them.

  1. Root: Location-Tailbone area or coccyx. Color -Red
  2. Sacral: Location-Sexual Organs and between hips. Color – Orange
  3. Solar Plexus: Location-Under ribcage to the belly button area. Color – Yellow
  4. Heart: Location-chest middle chest area to armpits. Color can be pink or green
  5. Throat: Location-Throat just above color bone in the indentation before Adams apple location.
  6. Third Eye: Location-Between eyebrows. Color Purple or Indigo
  7. Crown: Location- From your forehead to the back of the top of your head and around the crown. Imagine a crown sitting on your head and this will cover the circumference of the chakra. Then go into the air about a foot.

So what does the Solar Plexus handle?

The Solar Plexus chakra is most in charge of your self-confidence. When you are felling less than empowered this is the chakra that is at the time closed or blocked and must en cleansed and balanced. It is easy to figure out if your Solar Plexus chakra is blocked. Ever feel as if you are suddenly afraid to try new things? How about a bit apprehensive to meet new people and maybe even a little annoyed by people in general when no one has actually affected your life? This is all a symptom of a closed or blocked Solar Plexus chakra. The spiritual body has symptoms when it is off balance just like the physical body does and if you are reading this, you are maybe having some trouble in an area of life that we have mentioned and your subconscious has gravitated you here. If not, and you are just curious about this chakra we will next go into how to get some Solar Plexus balance going so you know how to keep it that way and should it go out of balance for any reason, you will be well equipped to get it back in order quickly and easily.

Steps to keeping the balance going

There is a simple chakra meditation that you can do to keep the chakras balanced and that is using traditional meditation for fifteen minutes once or twice a day. It is recommended to do it twice if you can get into a quiet space at least a few days a week and it is recommended to do at least once every day for optimal results. If it is absolutely impossible, then you can do it as an emergency technique when you are having a particularly rough day.

After we deal with all chakras we will learn how to zero in on the Solar Plexus chakra and really experience it. You cannot just learn about one because they are all interconnected and you can damage the balance if you are constantly only focused on one, so keep on this educational journey and you will understand the method in our madness.

Bonus Tip- Quick Chakra Balance

  1. Sit in a space that is clean and devoid of noise and distraction and plan on at least seven to fifteen minutes to hold this state of being.
  2. Sit or lie in a comfortable position; do not attempt to sit in a position that you have seen others doing and feel that you have to sit in that position in order for this to work. This is a myth and will distract you from true comfort.
  3. Breathe deeply through the nose and fill the lungs to absolute capacity; hold the breath for a slow count of three such as ; one—two—three
  4. Let the breath out slowly and forcefully through the mouth.
  5. When you think the breath is done, force more out by extending your stomach outward and push
  6. Repeat this three times. It is normal to feel a bit dizzy or light-headed and this will pass in time with practice but it is oxygenating your blood and this is a good thing.
  7. Once you are breathing normally again you can begin the visualization through the chakras
  8. Simply think of a white light going through all chakras slowly beginning with the root. And spiraling slowly all the way up to your crown.
  9. Don’t worry about the colors for now just have a sense they are open and cleansed
  10. Repeat process from crown to root and heave a sense they are closed


Solar Plexus

Now, when you are feeling symptomatic of a Solar Plexus lull, stop the white light at the Solar Plexus and spin it counter click wise for a minute. Then, spin a yellow gold light clockwise. This chakra is now activated. It is as simple as that and if you continue each day your Solar Plexus chakra should remain balanced. If not, then you may have to see an energy healer for further, deeper balance.

In conclusion, just as we take vitamins on a daily basis to revive the physical it is essential for you engage in daily practice with meditation and chakra balance for optimal health of the body, mind and spirit.

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