The Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

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Cranberry juice is one of the most trusted natural remedies out there in the world. Cranberry juice helps with ailments that we face everyday such as: urinary tract infections, kidney problems, heart disease, respiratory disorders, dental care, and cancer.

Drinking a glass of cranberry juice a day can be extremely beneficial but if you find the taste too bitter, like I do, just mix it with water. The best juice to drink is the sugar free version, so you get all the healthy benefits, instead of negative effects which can harm your health as sugar is not something we need in such high doses! Cranberry juice is full of chemical compounds known as phytonutrients (if you don’t know what phytonutrients are just do a read of wikipedia or check out or other health benefit articles). The range of vitamins that can be found in most cranberry juices includes vitamin C, manganese, and vitamin K.

Urinary Tract Infections

Cranberry juice is known to help UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections) by helping to prevent bacteria from adhering to your bladder walls. In the same way it can also be beneficial to prevent cavities by preventing bacteria that causes plaque from sticking to your teeth. Cranberry juice is used for many different ailments that allow harmful bacteria to be formed. It is a great preventive measure for disallowing the harmful bacteria to stay in your system.


Cranberry juice can help aid in a fight against cancer. By drinking cranberry juice it will help rebuild your immune system. This is imperative for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer.  Building up your immune system is also extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from respiratory disorders.

Heart Disease

The way cranberry juice helps with heart disease is by lowering your cholesterol. Cholesterol plays an important part in affecting your heart. There are many ways to lower your cholesterol, adding a splash of cranberry juice will help with any other ways you may be using, like for instance cooking with olive oil instead of butter or other unfriendly fatty oils.


Side Effects of Cranberry Juice

Unsweetened cranberry juice is a lot more productive than sweetened. Unfortunately, it still has a lot of preservatives and natural sweeteners found in added fruits. The unsweetened cranberry juice is what a lot of people use not realizing the full benefits that are found in pure cranberry juice. Pure cranberry juice has the most value for our health that there is, it is however more pricey, but how much do you value your health.

There are many side effects that come when consuming too much cranberry juice. The most prominent side effect is it could in fact irritate heartburn due to its high acidity. To reduce the acidity try mixing it with water, not only do I find that it tastes better but it helps a lot with this effect. If you are diabetic the cranberry juice with sugar or sweeteners can be harmful by affecting your glucose level. Diabetics should be aware of these effects but please keep them mindful when consuming the cheaper, sweeter versions of the cranberry juice.

As in everything else in life, it is good to drink cranberry juice in moderation. There is a set limit you should follow in units consumed per day. This limit is about an ounce per day. Drinking this much a day can help prevent many infections from bacteria in the body, that in turn will help make you feel better and considerably more healthier.

Cranberry juice is a great substance to form part of a stable diet for everyone in the family. It will benefit not only adults but children as well. The perfect time to have your daily dose is at breakfast in the morning. Your body will use the nutrients and bacteria fighting benefits all day long.
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