The 7 Most Amazing Benefits of Soy Milk for Women

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Soy Milk Benefits

Soy Milk comes from the liquid obtained by suspending soybean flour in water and is used as a fat free alternative milk. There are a number of benefits of drinking Soy Milk over regular milk but I will give to you the top 7 benefits of Soy Milk for women. And yes, as a male I do enjoy drinking soy milk and will provide the benefits to males in a follow up post.

In no particular order the benefits are:

Breast Cancer

Most cases of breast cancer effect women rather than men. Within a study conducted at the University of Buffalo in 2010 it was found that soy phytoestrogens, which are found in soymilk, help inhibit the onset of breast cancer through high estrogen levels. The soy phytoestrogens, as the name suggests, fights estrogen production and inhibits its ability to rise/sink to dangerous levels.

Menopausal Symptoms

As discussed above in relation to Breast Cancer the phytoestrogen enables the management of hormonal imbalances, which are highly prevalent during menopause. Whilst it cannot prevent menopause all together it helps fight off the unwanted symptoms that are produced during this period.


Osteoporosis is a bone loss disease usually seen as women tend to age due to the body’s estrogen levels decline. The phytoestrogens contained in Soy Milk help keep the body’s estrogen level in balance, which in turn helps the bones in your body maintain their density.

Heart Attack

Heart disease is one of the leading killers of humans in 2013. Drinking Soy Milk may help reduce and prevent clot formation if you drink at least 25g of the Soy protein per day thus reducing the chances of suffering a heart attack.

Promote Weight Loss

Personally I believe the leading reason that women drink soymilk over regular milk is that it helps promote weight loss. The reason for this is the sugar content contained in a standard glass of soymilk is much lower than that of a regular glass of milk. Not only is the sugar content lower but the mono-saturated fats contained in Soy Milk can inhibit the absorption of fats through your intestinal lining, meaning you can drink more of the great stuff that everybody loves.

Improve Lipid Profile

If you have high cholesterol or a history of heart disease in your family it may be wise to switch to soy-milk. Soymilk contains mostly unsaturated fats, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, that contains zero cholesterol. It is these two fat types that help inhibit the absorption of cholesterol into your blood stream. This should leave you with lower counts of triglyceride and LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins).

Strengthen Blood Vessel Integrity

Soy Milk contains levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as in conjunction with strong phyto-antioxidants. These compounds help your blood vessels from being exposed to lesions and hemorrhaging. The compounds do this through attaching themselves onto the lining of your blood vessels and effectively defend the lining of your cells from free radicals and cholesterol deposits. Not only are you protected from some free radical attacks but also you will have an improved ability to withstand dramatic blood pressure changes through the improved integrity to your blood vessels.

Whilst these benefits are crucial to your overall health and well being it is just one step to reaching the ultimate goal. I suggest reading some further articles on the site to get a better understanding of just some of the easy things that can be done to change your life for the better.

We’ve added a video on the debate whether soy is healthy or dangerous! Take a look.

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